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BPP 10 Point Plan

The foundation of our government
is rotten
It's not so common knowledge
that there is poison at the roots
No matter what preventive measures
the present takes to
ensure we ignore the past
we are haunted by history
whether we choose to believe it ourselves
Or not


Our interactions
are designed
to create reality
it's why the micro aggressions hurt so much
The slow erosion of feeling relevant
over time
A mountain blown to dust
Seems to me following the rules maintains the roles we play
So I become the Ocean
A forgiving swelling
Of love


December is always coming back around
Like humankind's history
constantly launching a new satellite to explore possible futures
This one, that we have inhabited and called home
has been marked for
destruction by its own inhabitants
An environmental supernova
Leaving us only with the planets we've imagined in our mind
December, the sun, and us, are all coming back around
the question is what planet will be there to catch us