The Reality Making Machine

The Illusive and demanding paths of the future

A symphony of wind chimes
The shifting of mountains
The tides screaming back at the moon
An ocd constellation trying to neatly organize so much stardust in the sky
A moody introvert who loosens up while dancing
A digital frienship bracelet
A sunrise played across a xylophone
A bar chart of possibility from every timeline
Being tickeld on your forhead by an insvisible friend
A whisper walking down your neck
A flicker of hope leaving its shadow
An android finger
A fleet of esca-vators shuttling between us and the ancestors
The unsteady unsure but
Aint it beautiful in the right light
Of everything to come

The Writer of History

Our swollen lungs gasping
The EQ, the bass, the new smell of new paint
The subway in sync
A 10,000 horse race
An x-y-64 tetrahedron grid
across the axis of time
A magic cubism
composite of all possibilities of my family tree
A guess who game of the color spectrum
Our boxes our homes our offices
This screen
A printing belt -Stuck in the typeset of the past
A loop of history painting over the present;
The re-white washing of history , over and over again,
new breath
new dimensions
a cascading rise of color
a fire next time
a crechendo of history
The transportation system between multiple timelines

Us and the World

g-d's bicycle
A dialogic exchange
An unfair trade partnership
an unequal exchange
Everything all at once
The negotiation of meaning
A reality generating machine
The mediation of the present
a meditation on change
A medallion of the future
A perpetual motion
blueprint for human creation
the looping tape of a hit single everyone else has moved on from
A dialectic dj set
2 record players mixing a synthesized present

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All Together Now