Some where there is a lightening bolt
Dressed in the brightest costume you can imagine
for the moons Centennial Mardi Gras parade

Some There, is an old warehouse with
Jacqui's face painted on the front
its guts are filled with old Mardi Gras floats
~~A museum of the parades' memory
~~A face painted mausoleum

Somewhere Jacqui's face is painted
and she too
Is all filled with Mardi Gras floats

If you’ve never been with Jacqui
to a party-
or watched water bend itself
and protectively
around the rocks-
You might wonder,
why the lightening
has been dancing recently

Sometimes the stars align themselves
into the shape of a smile
Or a poem
And Jacqui,
haven taken her mere mortal earth dance to the sky
is calling our attention
to the beauty, humor, and joy of our lives

I see her in the bald moon

There’s a hint of purple eyeliner around
the lightening these days
Prince’s makeover of the sky
They must be having a dance party up there
Prince, David Bowie, and The lightening women
Playing dress up with the stars

Lightening women like Jacqui
Are a sky bound second line
moaning in the moons Morse code
Waxing and waining so we may be reminded that
the minutes move on
even when the people we tell time by are gone

The sky though, I imagine
will do no better at holding her
Sometime soon she will shed her lightening skin
And become
a whole new galaxy